My Story

The Dot On! Design Experience

My first dotted piece on a wood plate.  From May 2022.

After just over a year of daily dotting, progress was made. From July 2023.

As a recent retiree on a quest to explore my creative side, I discovered an art form known as "dotting." This technique revolves around creating mandalas through an arrangement of circles and lines using a variety of tools rather than a paint brush.

My dotting journey began with a curiosity, leading me to experiment with dotting on a myriad of surfaces, from clay pots, to functional trivets, and even the unexpected canvas of our 500 gallon propane tank. It was a journey fueled by a desire to create while developing my dotting artistry.

As I honed my skills, my artistic odyssey took a unique turn when I acquired an old 33 RPM vinyl record and dotted the vinyl, leaving the record label intact. The result was an emotional fusion of music and art that transcended the ordinary.

Eager to share my newfound passion, I posted images of my dotted records on my social media platform. The response was extremely positive, with friends providing enthusiastic praise and encouragement to continue. It was a pivotal moment, one that propelled me towards the next chapter of my creative journey – sharing my art with the world.

My approach to dotting is as spontaneous as it is inspired. Each vinyl record becomes a canvas for my thoughts and emotions as a unique creation that unfolds in the moment. While I don't preplan the design, my eye for color harmony plays a role in the visual outcome. I incorporate colors from the record label and weave complementary colors into each design to create a visual tapestry that compliments the record label.

What makes my dotted records all the more impactful is the intimate connection it fosters with the music of the past. Each painted vinyl record is an emotional gateway to nostalgia, an artistic journey that invites the viewer to reminisce—taking them back in time when there was a special meaning or fondness to the music. I often immerse myself in the songs and artists that grace the labels, painting while listening, allowing the melodies to infuse my creations with additional layers of inspiration.

Beyond my artistry, I reside in Lake Tomahawk, where I share my home with my high school sweetheart and husband of 48 years, plus two beloved feline companions, Boots and Turbo.  When not immersed in dotting, I find joy in tending my garden, gathering around campfires, and cruising on our pontoon boat across the serene waters of Horsehead Lake. 

As I continue to dot art on vinyl records, I invite you to join me on this extraordinary voyage, where art, music, and memories converge into a harmonious sensation.