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Explore our collection of dotted records, all ready for immediate purchase at the displayed price, which includes both the artwork and the cost of the record. Additionally, framing options are available at the following prices, in addition to the listed price:

- Standard Wall Frame: $25

- Metal Table Top Frame: $25

- Repurposed Wall Frame: $50

To make a purchase, please contact me with the name of the album and recording artist.  I'll can provide further details and the shipping costs.

The Association

A perfect commemoration for birthdays. Adorned with a palette of greens, deep reds, browns, and tans, this dotted record is a harmonious celebration of color, making it a unique and meaningful gift. 

Barry Manilow

Dotted in hues of blues, avocado, ivory, and gray, it encapsulates the live magic of Manilow's timeless performances.  Interesting Fact: Did you know that "Live" captures the energy of Barry Manilow's concerts and his exceptional connection with the audience? This album became a fan favorite, featuring hits like "Looks Like We Made It."

NOTE: This record is pre-framed with a Standard Wall Frame.

The Beatles
A Hard Days Night

Dotted in serene blue hues with a touch of metallic gold, this rendition of 'A Hard Day's Night' captures the essence of The Beatles' iconic album. Fun fact: The title track was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney in one night, inspired by a phrase Ringo Starr had accidentally coined.  

Bill Haley & His Comets
Rock Around the Clock

Classic black vinyl adorned with vibrant dots in popular 1950s colors of turquoise, pink, orange, brown, and ivory, adding a retro touch to the iconic rock anthem. 

The Charlie Daniels Band
Fire on the Mountain

The beautiful label theme is artfully reflected in this duo-colored record, with greens representing the forest and blues symbolizing the water. Did you know? The album's title track, 'Fire on the Mountain,' became a signature piece for the band, showcasing their fusion of country, rock, and bluegrass influences. 

Chicago at Carnegie Hall
Side VI

Chicago's iconic live performance at Carnegie Hall captured in a unique dotted record. This edition It features neutral colors of ivory, tan, and gray, adding a touch of sophistication to the classic sound.

Don McLean
American Pie

Reds, greens, and touches of ivory create a visual tapestry echoing the folk-rock masterpiece. Did you know? 'American Pie' is renowned for its poignant lyrics and cultural significance, capturing the essence of a changing era.

Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Crafted in mesmerizing hues of blue, yellow, and gray, this exclusive design pays homage to the timeless sounds of ELP.  Interesting Fact: Did you know that "Trilogy" marked a pivotal moment in the band's career? Released in 1972, the album showcased ELP's innovative fusion of rock, classical, and progressive genres. 

Fleetwood Mac

Aqua, greens, brown, and yellow converge, mirroring the emotional depth of the iconic album. Did you know? 'Rumours' was crafted during a period of intense interpersonal conflict within the band, adding a layer of emotional complexity to the music and lyrics.  

Gloria Gaynor
Never Can Say Goodbye

Dip into the serene blues, tan, and grays of this rendition—a perfect choice for a thoughtful going-away gift. Fun fact: The track featured in this record rendition became a disco anthem, leaving an enduring impact in musical history. 

Grand Funk Railroad

Drenched in soothing green hues with an off-white accent, it can make a thoughtful gift for someone facing challenges with the title "Survival." Did you know? 'Survival' is hailed for its bluesy and hard rock sound, delivering a powerful musical journey.

Guess Who
So Long Bannatyne

This unique piece showcases a mesmerizing fusion of teal and orange tones, echoing the vibrant orange record label. Did you know? "The Guess Who was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 1987, recognizing their significant contributions to Canadian music and their lasting impact on the industry. 

Jackson Browne
Running on Empty

Immerse yourself in hues of blues, golds, and browns, accented by a touch of silver metallic shine, capturing the essence of Jackson Browne's 'Running on Empty.' Fun fact: The entire album was recorded live on stage, in hotel rooms, and on the tour bus, giving it a unique and authentic feel. 

Jethro Tull
Thick as a Brick

Blues and oranges intertwine, mirroring the album's eclectic blend of progressive rock. Did you know? 'Thick as a Brick' is a concept album with a continuous piece of music spread across two sides, showcasing Jethro Tull's innovative approach to storytelling through music.

Jethro Tull

Immerse yourself in the blues and oranges, accented with a touche of ivory. This visual symphony echoes the album's eclectic mix of progressive rock. Fun fact: 'Aqualung' is a concept album that explores societal issues and individual experiences, making it a landmark in the progressive rock genre.

At Carnegie Hall

Journey into the harmonious colors of greens, oranges, and ivory that reflect the beauty of the original label. Fun fact: Melanie's performance at Carnegie Hall showcased her timeless hit 'Beautiful People,' leaving an indelible mark on the folk music landscape.

NOTES: This record is pre-framed with a Standard Wall Frame.

Steve Miller Band
Number 5

Explore the vibrant colors of oranges, rust, rose-gold, tan and dark gray. Playfully reimagining the title, the design turns 'Number 5' into a visual 'Number 1,' capturing the essence of the band's innovative spirit. Did you know? The album features the experimental use of a Moog synthesizer, showcasing the band's willingness to push musical boundaries. 

Steve Miller Band
The Joker

Adorned with vibrant hues of orange, gold, and green, this artwork captures the essence of Miller's iconic sound. Did you know? 'The Joker' is not only one of the band's most recognizable hits but also holds the distinction of being Steve Miller Band's only number-one single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Experience the magic of this legendary record reimagined in dotted form, adding a touch of retro charm to any space.

Last Exit

Add a touch of psychedelic chic to your space with this one-of-a-kind, hand-dotted vinyl record. Each dot, meticulously painted in a vibrant palette of pink, orange, gray, and cream, transforms this classic rock artifact into a mesmerizing piece of art. This unique conversation starter pays homage to Traffic's legacy while adding a modern twist.

"Last Exit" was Traffic's final studio album, released in 1969, marking the end of an era for this influential British rock band.

The Who
Tommy - Side 1

Dive into the vibrant hues red, blue, purple, green, and yellow. Fun fact: 'Tommy' is a groundbreaking rock opera, marking one of the earliest instances of a concept album. Its innovative narrative and musical composition set new standards for the industry, earning it a lasting place in rock history.

Note: 'Tommy' is part of a double album set. Enhance your collection by purchasing both for a dynamic grouping and enjoy a special 10% discount off the combined price."

The Who
Tommy - Side 2

Immerse yourself in the dazzling colors of red, blue, purple, green, and yellow. Did you know? This section features 'Pinball Wizard,' a track celebrated for its rock opera brilliance.

Note: 'Tommy' is part of a double album set. Enhance your collection by purchasing both for a dynamic grouping and enjoy a special 10% discount off the combined price."